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Datahub Against Opacity Workshop

making colonial collections accessible

What would you want to do on a website that allows you to find objects from any colonial context in museum and archive collections? We are looking to get your insights and knowledge as a user!

The development of the datahub, in the Consortium project 'Against Opacity', advances, and so new questions arise. We would therefore like to invite you to the next workshop on Friday November 3 at Wereldmuseum Leiden.


During the last workshop in September, Gertjan Filarski (project leader) gave an update and introduction on the datahub and Research Application. Afterward, we looked at the visualization of the provenance data within the user interface of the Research Application. We also explored numerous ways to moderate user input, thought about worst case scenarios, and how to turn these around into ideas with a positive impact.


In the upcoming workshop, we will focus on a new set of questions and issues that arise from the development of the datahub. Currently, progress is made on the implementation of UX/UI designs and faceted search; bringing together backend components with frontend functionality; and the reworking of data from the Wereldmuseum and Bronbeek. The team is excited to share these developments and curious about your input, opinion, and ideas. Together, we will translate your questions and thoughts on the design and functionalities of the app into specific suggestions. These outcomes help us and inform the decisions taken in the near future.

The workshop will be led by Gertjan Filarski (project leader Datahub) and Jauco Noordzij (workshop facilitator).


The research application is available at, and includes:

  • the catalogue of the Wereldmuseum
  • personnel registers of the Dutch (military) presence in Indonesia coming from Bronbeek Military Museum for Dutch colonial history and the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army (KNIL)
  • the catalogue of objects coming from a colonial context that is held by the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands

Please be aware that the application is very much a work in progress. We are planning on a lot more data cleaning and adding new features. The application and data may change daily, and bugs are possible at this phase. Over the next months we intend to add:

  • the catalogue of objects from Bronbeek Military Museum
  • the catalogue of objects coming from a colonial context that are held by the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
  • the research guide for colonial collections that is drafted by NIOD.

The Consortium

The Colonial Collections Consortium is a partnership between Museum Bronbeek, NIOD, Wereldmuseum, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, and RCE. This consortium supports the Dutch museum field in provenance research into objects from a colonial context and helps answer questions from countries of origin. With this aim, the consortium is developing the datahub; to make collections from a colonial context accessible and provide users the opportunity to add perspectives to the data.


Date: 3rd November
Doors open: 12:30 hrs.
Start: 13:00 hrs.
Borrel: 16:00 hrs.
End: 17:00 hrs.


Gerbrandszaal, Boerhaavegebouw
Wereldmuseum Leiden
Steenstraat 1
2312 BS

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