Colonial Collections Consortium


The consortium is a partnership between five organisations with expertise in colonial collections. The consortium supports institutions administering collections in provenance research by sharing knowledge, answering questions and providing stakeholders with a network. Doing provenance research itself is the responsibility of all collection managers.

Bureau Colonial Collections Consortium

The Bureau supports the consortium and is part of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE). It is the point of contact for stakeholders from the source countries and in the Netherlands. Questions on knowledge sharing, museum cooperation and doing provenance research come together here.

What can the Bureau do for you?

  • Provide information on colonial collections policy, relevant organisations and experts, networks and opportunities for cooperation and knowledge exchange.
  • Facilitate applying for financial support to do provenance research and digitisation.
  • Coordinates questions about colonial collections in the Netherlands.
  • Keeps track of developments within and outside the Netherlands regarding policy and restitution of colonial collections.
  • Assist museums and other institutions in connecting to the colonial collections datahub.
  • Facilitate researchers from abroad to find data on objects from colonial contexts and exchange data.


For questions or more information on the colonial collections policy and the consortium, please contact the Bureau.